I have a fabulous sister who is on a fabulous road trip in a fabulous car with her equally fabulous husband.   I am in wallowing in the wake of their fabulosity & living the dream vicariously through photos on facebook.  Actually I’m just jealous.  

To randomly jump to another topic, OMG, meetings where some people just love the sound of their own voice – serial reportists – endless discussions – pointless comments – irrelevant anecdotes – rehashing of any of the previously mentioned sins against good meeting etiquette.   Oh did I mention – I love meetings, definitely up there with interminable speeches, monotonous pontificating and major surgery with no anesthetic.  NOT!!!    Just saying…..not only get to the point, but bloody well stick to it – oh what?  Oh I’m sorry, you didn’t realise there was meant to be a point?  Yes, there’s meant to be a bloody point – oh what?  Am I going on an endless, pointless, rehash of what I said before?  Welcome to my world.


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