Soccer World Cup

which New Zealand’s All Whites will not be attending.  Sigh.  It’s half time, we’re playing Mexico, the score is 3 – nil, guess who to.  Big J’s all dressed up in his soccer gear (thank god I’m getting some entertainment out of this game) but has gone strangely silent apart from strangled sounds of pissed offedness & occasional curses hurled at the ref (WHERE’S YOUR SEEING EYE DOG  & WHO STOLE YOUR F***ING WHITE STICK).  Did I mention it’s not 3 – nil to us?  Well it’s bloody well not.  Never mind, never say die, if we get 8 goals in the second half & they get none, we are so in.  Definitely a fighting chance but thinking I probably won’t put any money on it – even with odds of 10 squillion to 1. GO THE ALL WHITES!!! 





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