Hello today, today is moving day.  It’s so easy when everything is packed in its boxes, taped up, labelled, stacked ready to go.  All draws, shelves, surfaces clear and clean.  Rubbish all gone, gardens done, lawns mowed.  This, of course, is not how we did it.  So much more challenging to go in half arsed, crap everywhere, run out of boxes, paper and tape. Can’t find anything, people coming to help shift (thanks Julzy & Mark) ring while you’re still in bed to say on the way, shit, and James is hungry.  Quick thinking, prioritise, prioritise, I’m all good, first thing I need to do is, clearly, get out of bed.  Not my happy place on a Saturday morning after the bottle & a half of wine the night before (thanks New World).  Three cups of tea later, poached eggs for big J, in case you need to know for next time, best thing on moving day is a cooked breakfast complete with messy bench & dishes.  NOT.  But hey big J gets shitty if not fed, so feed him we do. Anyway, upwards & onwards, the boys are drinking beer, it’s pissing down, we must be ready to start, YAY, go moving day!


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