Good morning Wellington, I’ve had two fantastic days with my babies (grown up ones), and Ma & Pa, before we fly out tomorrow morning on our Grand Adventure. Why does everyone keep telling ME to be careful? Not Big J? Anyone would think they know me. Which brings me to a previous blog about poor decision making. Last night (which is actually second to last night), after a few drinks (nek nominations – oldsters & non kiwis can google it) we (me, Big J, kids & kids friends) decided to go & scare ourselves & look for ghosts at an old gothic derelict abandoned churchy schooly building. It was old, gothic, derelict, churchy & schooly. It was not abandoned. And yes we were scared. Hobos or gang – not sure – suffice to say they were not happy when they came out yelling & threatening us with golf clubs. Luckily we were off the property & leaving at the time. Who would have thought I could get my arse back up that hill so fast? Not me. Until visions of battered bodies, blood & dead people (us, not the ghosts) flashed through my mind. Anyway, we all got home intact, mission accomplished (scared shitless) and today is another day.


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