Well, got up earli ish, which wasn’t too difficult because of the drama the night before, and the hundred million things banging around in my head – I told them to shut up, but did my brain listen to me?  Nooo.  Anyway,  got to the airport with no sleep and plenty of time – told myself this was a good thing because then I’d be able to sleep on the long haul flight to Singapore – ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha sob ha sob ha ha sob sob (hysterical laughter, you get the picture).  Suffice to say it was not a good thing,  and I did not sleep on the plane.  Anyway.  Got on huge plane at Auckland and taxied for about an hour or so, was actually starting to wonder if we were going to drive to Singapore in the plane instead of actually flying!  But we flew, in retrospect may have been better to drive because at least you can stop & get out & stretch your legs.  10 hours and then we had to circle around Singapore several times because it was rush hour.  WTF?  They had 10 hours notice that we were coming!  That’s asian traffic for you.  So, landed (finally), followed the best instructions in the world (thank you Den) for getting to JB (that’s what us locals call it – been here two days – are you local?)  Got to lay  our heads down 20 hours later and guess what?  COULDN’T BLOODY SLEEP!  Grrrrrr.  Yay, hello adventure!  Tomorrow we conquer somewhere.


2 thoughts on “Arrival

  1. Awesome you got there ..SLEEP SLEEP well hope u got sme an havent had the poo poos yet(like our Kellybelly) ….juust hve the best time my darling m8s much love xxx

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