Day one in Singapore

 Hello all! James here. Thought I had better write something up for a change and let you know how everything is going.  Naturally everything is a bit of a culture shock when starting out in a new country. But were bloody kiwis so it doesn’t take long to adjust. Singapore is such a surreal island with so many cool things to see and enjoy when on a budget.  It’s just a matter of giving yourself a good amount of time to get your bearings and not to be shy in asking the locals for directions. Sometimes the locals see that your a bit lost and come up to you to offer there assistance,  but not only that,  they also give you great advice on the best deals and where to go for great and cheap food! By the way, the food here is exactly that…GREAT!! No more fish and chips for us. Anyway, yesterday was spent wondering around admiring the skyscrapers and the busy street stalls. There are modern buildings mixed with old colonial buildings as well as ancient Chinese temples and Muslim mosque.  All are intricate and beautiful,  leaving us in awe. After stuffing ourselves with chinese at lunch time,  we decided to go to the underground train transport which leaves the New Zealand train system in the 60’s and headed to Singapore’s ‘Garden of wonder’ which truly lived up to its name! You don’t have to be a gardener to appreciate how much effort went into this! Even our kiwi mascot enjoyed it. (Which by the way,  decided to escape from my backpack every now and then to play hide and seek. See if you can find him in some of our photos.) From there we went to Marina bay sands hotel which is just awesome! We went in to check out the foyer and were gobsmacked with the riches in there! Definitely not in Chinatown now lol. The sparkling jewels (minimum cost of $500.000+) and the suave clothing stores were well guarded by muffty security trying to blend in with the crowd. On exiting the hotel we had the privilege of watching a late model masarati pull up. Jet black in color and purring like a sleeping dragon,  very niiice! From there, we decided to have dinner before joining the extremely long but quick moving que at the JB bus depo and cross the border to Johor Bahru to our condo for a beer or two. Tomorrow we will be going to Singapore again to see Gotham (a building designed in the exact style of Gotham hall in the batman movies, built by a billionaire who obviously likes batman.) Then off to Chinatown for more cheap food and bargain hunting! Until then Jalan (goodbye in Malay). Just to add,  the transportation can be daunting the first time here and some of the taxi services will try to give you a run for your money, but you would get that at any country.  So it’s a matter of staying firm but polite with the locals, planning aheImageImageImageImageImagead and having exact change when boarding buses.

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