Ni Hao!

Hello again! Well, it has been another great day for us. We went to Gotham Hall on Friday morning in singapore which was built for a multi billionaire who loves the batman movies and wanted a new business block done exactly the way it is portrayed in the films. It is bloody huge!!! And very impressive. But then we went inside and the interrior design just blew us away. The art paintings and brass layout was everywhere. In the centre of the hall was a restaurant and wine bar and above the bar was an elegant stage with a grand piano. On the other side of the hall is a huge wine rack three stories high! How do they get the bottles from the top rack you ask?? Well, I will keep you guessing.  Feel free to tell us how you think they do it. After that, in was back in the train to Chinatown!  What an eye opener that place is. A bargen hunters paradise! Plenty of food stalls to choose from and naturally, plenty of Tiger beer with dragon festivals to keep us entertained.  Well, we couldn’t see them but we could hear them. Once we were done there and after we found Kiwi alias,  Haka, we headed back to central for dinner. We were trying to hang around for the fireworks display but decided after 9pm to head home. The bus que at this stage was not bad for a Friday night I guess and going through customs from Singapore to JB is a breeze as the customs officers know us now as ‘The Kiwis!’. The kiwis are coming,  the kiwis are coming lol. Coming back to the condo for a glass of wine and having a good chat to out host Dennis (totally cool guy) was nice and relaxing until….boom boom boom bang!!! Fireworks started going off everywhere!  It wasmidnight and the chChinese new year celebrations had started. We ended up having the best seat in the house! Saturday was relaxing day and today was catch up on planning trip day. We will be staying here for another nine days before heading up north to melaka or melacca,  pending on who you are.  Will keep you posted great people, as tomorrow is another great adventure!



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