Terima kasih

Yesterday we went for a walk to Downtown Johor Bahru, down yes, town hmmm, not as we know it.  Was stinking hot, very hot and walking over sewers, yeah, pretty stinky.  But people friendly and smiley although definitely getting some stares – especially from the kids.  Not sure if it’s my blonde hair or if they’ve never seen anyone as well fed as me (well fed = fat).  It’s not James – he just looks like a weirdly dressed local.  Speaking of well fed, food here is yummy, I’ve had Malay,Chinese, Indian and some stuff I’m not quite sure of.  Oh hang on, I know what it was – Australian red wine!  Hasn’t given me delhi belly yet but watch this space.  Speaking of which, did my first squat toilet (had to), and there is a right way and a wrong way to go about this, to my credit I now know which is the wrong way.  Fantastic wee thunder storm last night, which is great because it cleans the air.  When we came back from walk Downtown, I was covered in thin film of greasy type grime, pretty icky, but my lungs were fine because I took the precautionary measure of filling them with nicotine & chemicals first – yeah, take that dirty air.  Anyway back to Singapore tomorrow to run the gauntlet of both Customs again, and do the old Botanic gardens – looking forward to heat stroke, swollen sausage fingers and sore feet.  Oh and orchids, apparently stunning display of orchids.  I’ll let you know tomorrow.



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