long big walks.

Went to the Old Botanical Gardens, in Singapore on Monday.   Took a while to get there from our  train drop off point as we decided to walk there thinking it was not far away.  The walk was good and it gave us a chance to look at another part of singapore. Mental note,  walk to any destination in the morning,  say from 8am when the weather is not so hot and humid say like 9am in the morning.  On our way there we came across the American embassy,  or should I say the American military fortress! Spy cameras all over the place with signs reading ‘No photos’. Right next to  that was the Australian embassy.  Much more tame but still with signs reading ‘No Photos’ So with that in mind,  we thought it  a GREAT idea to…take a photo of Kiwi on top of the Australian embassy sign. No sooner had we put Kiwi on top we had a guard come down to us and ask that we remove Kiwi from the sign.  A sign for goodness sakes lol. I guess the Auzzies are still sour with our rugby world cup win,  and the rugby 7’s win, and our Phoenix win on Sunday! GO NEW ZEALAND! !! Finally reaching the gardens we now understand why the locals make it  a big deal.  The place is huge and beautiful,  and this is coming from someone who treats most plants like they are a weeds from a lack of knowledge. There is something for everyone there but you need to start rounds early or give yourself two days, to see  it all. It’s free and worth seeing. Yesterday we got up early again to go to Jurong Bird Park which was nice. Sara was awe with it all, but I was becoming more interested in the fine display of war birds flying overhead for preparation of the military air show in a couple of days time (it’s a man thing).  But unfortunately for the first time here,  the humidity got to us (more Sara than myself). But we got to see everything there.  WOW! While typing this, four big fireworks pro rockets just went off next door! Awesome! Where the hell do they get them from. One can buy them over the counter real cheap,  but one has to find the bloody counter that sells them first. No banning or restrictions here!  Anyway,  the bird zoo was a nice change and it’s quite out of it how many cool looking birds there are with awesome colors and patterns on them.  There are some ugly looking birds there as well. Coming home early for a change we stopped at the local (conveniently around the corner from our place of residence) for some Tiger beer which was much needed and well received in this heat. Yum yum! Tomorrow starts with a relaxing morning followed by a trip back into Singapore to the world famous Night safari.  So looking forward to that! Charge on good people and will let you haw the safari goes tomorrow evening!

James and Sara.


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