The night safari.

20140210_13530920140210_15202820140211_12445920140211_15075220140212_18513520140212_18462320140210_154947P1400: Gear check: Ringgit malay currency, check. Singapore currency, check. Loaded card, check.  Passports,  check. Sunscreen lotion, insect repellent, ice cold water, smokes, tablet for photos, check. Bus and train maps, check. Food, check. Sara putting her make up on, check. James putting his charm on, check. Kiwi(Haka) in bag, check. Time check now 1545. Karmacuzzies are good to go! “And they’re of and racing out the door to the lift where Sara is in the lead to press the down button followed closely by James who is carrying extra baggage weight due to his supreme strength, now on the ground floor and racing with steady pace towards the bus stop after saying hello to Mona the security lady at the condo. Crossing the road where James is now in the lead and makes it to the bus stop first, they wait  for a minute until the bus arrives and James is in first place (deep inhale) now at customs with big smiles and passports ready it’s now Sara in the lead waiting for James to stop chatting to the customs officers before getting the move along by Sara.  (Deep inhale), it’s now neck and neck while heading out of customs and to the train station where they stop  for food. (Half an hour later). And there off and racing again to the the train that will take them to there next destination (another bus stop) where they make it to with time to spare.  (Deep inhale) With the bus arriving,  they jump in with James in the lead again and eventually make it to the night safari in record time!” After all that it was worth going there to see the safari!  Once again it was another huge place to visit.  Rows of shops and food stalls and fire breathing entertainment for the ladies.  We qued up for the tram ride to tour the safari and we  were lucky to be one of the first on the tram which was good as there were hundreds of people starting to line up not long after we got on. The ride was good and the commentary was good also!  Oh, we also met a nice young couple on the tram also from New Zealand!  Our first kiwi cuzzies we have met since being here.  During the tram ride, our tour host had to constantly tell a few people not to stand up in the tram for their safety and another person not to use the flash on there camera. They didn’t listen and we were all getting pissed off. The host was pissed off even more and stopped the tram and had them arrested.  Hello people, were in singapore! Yeah na, just kidding, they just got a severe telling off lol! After the ride we went around the walk treks and saw the animals in better detail. Although I must admit, the hyenas were paying particular interest in all the human food walking past there area which naturally resulted in Sara and I moving along in a hurry, I mean, why tempt fate. When all was good and done we headed back home but decided to go to the local with our home host Den for another quiet one….we finally made it home at 1am.  A bloody good night!  To the lads reading this part, you have to know that the bar mades wear skimpy outfits which is part of there dress code.  Most bars have em here. It’s the norm,  so don’t be surprised or shocked should you come this way for a holiday and find ladies dressed up like prosturtutes serving you drinks.  Treat them with respect and you get to walk away with both hands in tact. Na na, kidding again, they are not bar maids,  but they do work for the club.  There job is to entice you to drink more and to get you to buy them beers.  The more you buy them, the bigger the commission they recieve. You can say no politely which is recommended if you want to have a cheap night out. 20140211_142026


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