Moving on :(

After 12 days in Johor Bahru and Singapore it will be time to move on to our next adventure. Destination kuala lumpar  via Malacca. Probably spend a few days in KL then move on up once again.  Will miss it here in JB. Have had a blast with the locals we have met and the sights we have seen, but in saying that,  there will be plenty more of both to come.  I feel that I have adapted enough into the swing of things and are very excited to charge on, although Sara may think otherwise lol. Absolute praise goes out to our JB host Den (Resident Kennedy) for the great advice and help and support while we have been staying with him in his Condo, which has a great  view of the  area and an awesome swimming pool by the way. Cheers for putting up with our kiwi antics Den and we look forward to seeing you in the near future!  An awesome bloke! Advertising time: If your ever keen to visit JB, then we know this top bloke with a top pad and a top attitude that can give you top advice and support on how to  navigate yourself around this top area without the  top rates that Singapore has. Today we went into Singapore for the last time for a while and did some shopping in this massive 7 story building that’s totally dedicated in high tech communication devices, computers,   etc.  and 2nd hand.  It was a reality check on how far behind NZ is with all the latest gadgets.  Then it was home to tidy up and pack. Hopefully we will be able to blog again in a few days! Last night we met these lovely people, a couch surfer host, Mazlan and one of his couch surfers from China, Ding! Oh yeah, sorry again Ding for spilling beer over you…my bad! Time for bed now. Live life the full all! Oh there you are Haka!  Was wondering where you had got to!



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