In transit to Melaka

Goodbye Singapore & Johor Bahru, hello Melaka.  So once again we laid our cunning plans to make our way to Melaka, and once again we left really late.  On viewing our packs after a couple of weeks of not having to pack our packs,  it is clear that whatever weight me & Big J may have lost since arrival had been found by Big J’s pack.  OMG.  Note to self, if you take a pack with room to spare in it, your worldly goods will expand to fill every last mm of space, much like having a clear space on a table – it will fill up – I’m not sure which Law of Physics determines this, but it happens, we all know it.  Back to the pack, did I say pack?  I meant behemoth.  I was frightened. Maybe Big J was going to keel over backwards with the weight, there to be cast like the turtle on it’s back we saw at the zoo (which we stayed and watched and laughed and laughed at it trying to flip itself back over).  Visions of native Malaysians watching Big J on his back, legs waving in the air, trying to turn over while they laugh and laugh and laugh (to be fair who would blame them).  My dilemma, if I go behind him and he lurches backwards will I steady him or will I be flattened?  I walked in front.  On to first bus, which thankfully would take us all the way to Larkin, the big bus depot where we needed to be to get to Melaka. Bus was quite empty, so pretty sure we only took out a couple of people taking the behemoth down the aisle not designed for behemoths.  Made it on to bus for Melaka.  $7.20 for a 3 hour bus journey, have I mentioned I love the transport system over here?  I love the transport system over here!  Anyway, express coach, so had room underneath for the packs, thankfully no-one else appeared to have any luggage because theirs wouldn’t have fitted.  I glued myself to the window in anticipation of watching the changing landscape of Malaysia go past, pretty much in vain as this consisted of 200 km of Palm oil plantations with the occasional advertising hoarding to keep things interesting.  I played Candy Crush (also in vain, been stuck for a month) and nana napped the rest of the way.  See next blog for arrival.



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