Squashed Tomato (Catchup).

Tuesday 18th February 2014, Midnight and 0200: Woke up to a haunting sound like voices of spirits moaning in the darkness. Could not locate so will investigate during the day.

0730: woke up to the haunting sound still, so have eliminated voices of spirits. Will continue to investigate though.

Started the day with a bit of a look around at city central. Managed to see the ruins of Porta De Santiago before walking up the steep stairs leading to St Paul’s Church, a church a fortress and a prison in one,  where you could see most of Melaka city and the ships on the Straights of Melaka waiting to dock, including the big tourist boats from around the world (met a local who wanted to buy Haka up there as well…we said no.) Walked back down to view St Francis Xavier’s Church which should be named the leaning church of Xavier. After that we went to the local market to score some cheap sun glasses, Ray bands! However, on closer inspection they read Roy band. I bought a pair anyway for $15 Ringgit Malay ($5.45 NZ). Next we went across from the market to the food stalls and bought this fried potato spiral snack on a stick. Simple to make and quick. A new novelty from potato fries and also cheap at $2 Ringgit each ($0.70 NZ each).  nice long walk around both sides of Sungai Melaka, a river flowing between the city. We walked 5 kilometers each side but honestly, it felt like more. We then chilled out at one of the many cafes near the river and watched the river boats taking tourists (watching the world go by basically) while dining on a lovely Chinese meal accompanied with good ole Tiger beer, total cost $40 Ringgit ($14.57 NZ). After that we found an Art gallery full of wonderful paintings from locals.  With the day coming to an end and with Sara and I huffing and puffing from all the walking, we then went to one of the massive shopping malls and found a super market where we bought snacks and food for the night and tomorrow morning as well as a 750 ml/38% bottle of whisky all totaling $41.00 Ringgit ($14.95 NZ).

Total cost for the day $142.00 Ringgit Malay, that’s also adding $35R ($12.75 NZ)  for accommodation, $2R ($0.70 NZ) for a 1.5lt bottle of ice water and another beer at $5R at the hotel ($1.80 NZ). Total cost for everything NZ $51.75. Very cheap living here for tourist on a budget. Oh and found haunting noise, it’s this bloody rotating observation tourist tower that goes up and down like a lift. It’s called Taming Sari Tower. Investigation complete.

Wednesday 19th February 2014, 0830:  Showered and walked to our room. Sara on the bed reading. I hung my towel up and without thinking drew curtains open to open windows as it was very hot. Was greeted by Chinese family across from us having breakfast in their kitchen. They looked and waved. I quickly closed the curtains as a had my birthday suit on still. Sara laughing in hysterics. Left curtains closed until we left for another adventure. 1100: Opened curtains and greeted by more family members across from us waving. curtains closed for the rest of the day.

Another great day in Melaka. We went to the Maritime Museums (three of them) and loved it. Enjoyed reading the history of this place and the sacrifices that people went through for it to be what it is today. However, there is still sacrifices continuing with tourism being the main focus. But Sara and I do our part and always clean up after ourselves. Rubbish in appropriate areas, choosing fan rooms instead of air condition rooms, using eco-friendly soaps and washing powder and even our cigarette butts we throw in the designated bin areas and not on the ground. Even if after we see some of the locals defying what they are preaching, we still follow our path. Were kiwis after all! Enjoyed more time at the markets again and did less walking, woohoo! Went down the back streets of Melaka this time and found this out of it cemetery dating back from 1800’s. Directly opposite was another cemetery but this one was for scooters and old motor bikes lol. Met another local chap on the streets selling his drawings and water-color paintings. Very very talented artist. Selling his drawings far to cheap as far as i’m concerned. We took a photo of him with Haka and then found out he had some of his exhibitions in a museum down the road. He also asked if he could draw Haka and have him displayed in the museum and said to go there to see it, we said sure! SO he took some photos and were going there on Friday to have a look! Came back to the Hotel and got a bit tiddly on whisky before going into town again for Dinner. Nice soothing day today.

Thursday 20th February 2014 0550: BREAKING BED: Self explanatory really. Woke up to a bang sound followed by slow-mo sensation of falling to the floor. Bent minnit, WTF! Sara and I looked at each other like stunned mullets, realized what just happened and just laughed! And after all that, Sara and I have spent the day in our room catching up on…..the blog as well as writing post cards and planning the next days events. Scored 5 packets of cigarettes from this lovely French chap that bought a brick from customs up north and was going to Singapore today and couldn’t take them through customs 5 packets for $15.00 RM ($5.46 NZ).  Hope I havent bored anyone with this long blog. So much to tell though. Enjoy all!



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