Well the last few days have been very eventful once again. Unfortunately there is no soccer club here that can cater for my demand (Regarding social league at my age group lol). But them’s the breaks I suppose. So hopefully they will have something for me in KL. On a brighter note, I have recorded Sara doing a ‘I’m wrong dance’ as she has gotten us lost TWICE in one week hahahaha! The latest lost episode was yesterday when we started our walk to look for the melaka straits mosque. After her studying the map (quote: Thoroughly. She is our navigator after all) and from advice from a few locals the night before and prior to leaving that morning, with all of them pointing in the one direction, I thought ‘sweet as, she’s got this sorted’. So anyway prior to leaving and facing the Jetty we were suppose to go left which will lead us to a bridge that will take us there with a walking time of 30 to 40 minutes. Hooow-eva, Sara took us over the main highway bridge to our right leading us to the other side of Melaka and away from the Mosque for about 30 to 40 minutes before I started thinking that this is a bit wrong. A few minutes later Sara said “I think this is a bit wrong”. “Where is the tour map?” I asked assuming she had it on her. “I left it back in the room!” she replied. “I’ll go into this Hotel foyer and ask for directions. It shouldn’t be to far away.” She said. “Good idea honey!” without sounding to sarcastic and being the supportive man that I am. So, while she went in to ask I suddenly thought ‘Hang on, I will see if I can use Google GPS maps on the tablet!’. Low and behold, it was working and I had a fixed position on our location and after typing in our destination it said ‘You are one hour and 40 minutes from your destination.’ That’s when Sara came out from the Hotel and said “OMG! You won’t guess what’s happened!” ‘Your about to do the I’m wrong dance’ I thought. But without saying a word I showed her the tablet instead. And then I said “you know your gona have to do the I’m wrong dance lol”. Long story short, after I took over the navigation and in scorching heat and after dodging traffic, stopping to admire another cat, stopping in a 2nd hand store, stopped by a tourist asking US for directions (who does that?), stopping by a bar down a dodgy alley to take a photo because the sign read TIKI BAR (Kiwi haka moment.Thankfully we had plenty of water with us at this stage), stopping to watch all the cars crossing the correct bridge heading in the direction we are and thinking ‘what the’ and stopping to admire a nice beach clearing, we finally got there to see this beautiful building and all it’s surroundings and saying “WOW!” giving a high five to each other in our moment of triumph and walking to a point of entrance to ask if we can go in to take photos and admire it’s outer complexities of architectural design, just to hear this lovely gentleman say “Oh no no sir, you can’t come in for at least another 15 – 20 minnit as it is the call of prayer.” (hence all the cars) “You will have to go over there to view if you like until end of prayer.” Pointing to another part of the beach where the Duck boat tours entrance and exits. “No problems!” I said. Thank goodness we are tolerable kiwis! actually, he was quite nice and gave us a run down of the mosque and other parts of the Island’s history. So after about 3 to 4 hours of our 40 minute walk we made it back to our room to refresh ourselves and get tiddly on whisky to gear up for that night. The market party night! It involved more walking but thankfully the whisky helped numb some of the pain. In all honestly the whole day and night was worth it and prior to coming home from that night we came across a lovely bar run by a local couple. He (Hawk) is the one man and very talented band and she (Joan) is the publican. Awesome end to the night and wonderful couple, like everyone we have come across in our lives thus far. (be rude not to). Were going there again for more awesome entertainment and to meet another couch surfer host. For a good night out in Melaka, go to ‘Me & Mrs Jones Cafe, #3 Jalan Hang Kasturi 75200, Melaka, SEA.


Today we went to ‘Hang Li Poh’s Well’ or more known as ‘The Kings Well’. Churr we said, thinking it’s a big wishing well surrounded by a Chinese temple going by the picture on the tourism MAP! With tablet and GPS direction in hand, we were off once again with refreshed confidence in our new found journey and more water (34 to 38 predicted degrees C. I’m sure they print that on so not to scare the tourist with the blistering heat as I’m sure it was hotter.) This time it was only 1.8km away with a 24 minnit walking time which was true to it’s word. Nearing the well, we saw graves on both sides of us and I must admit, some of the grave stones were pretty awesome! Some in designs of animals and some in designs of small homes. “Oh look honey, we have to actually go through the cemetery and up that hill to get to the well!” I said. That in mind and long story short again, we followed railed steps leading through the cemetery and up this big hill in the heat only to get to the top to a big flat clearing with a small monument to one side promoting the cemetery and it’s size we just walked through. 20 acres of it. Well, I wasn’t having a bar of it and started looking for anything that closely resembled a well let alone a temple. Nothing. Foiled again we decided to walk around the cemetery saying high to locals we came across (live ones that is). One chap we met was running in full track gear in this heat smiling and asking how we are. Hiding out heat exhaustion we said “Yea yea good mate!” After he left we found the nearest tree to hide under for a bit. Prior to returning to our room again we stopped at a cool ice cream type bar by the river to get something to cool ourselves with. That’s when I tried this Durian fruit mix. It’s a local fruit that is actually forbidden in most malls and shopping areas and transport systems due to it’s pungent odor. We have been told about it and have thought about giving it a go. So while in SEA, do what the locals do right! NOTE TO SELF: Don’t do what the locals do on most occasions. And this was one of them. When I ordered it, all the sales people and customers looked at me. It went very quiet for a brief moment. So quiet that you could hear a mouse fart, and that’s when I thought ‘Feck, I’m gona have to see this through now.’ “Common honey, you order one to aye!” confidence blown when she looked at me and laughed. I can’t describe the smell so please feel free to look it up on to get an understanding. but I ate/drank most of it. and after you get used to the taste it became quite refreshing…..Honest! In fact, I recommend every westerner to try it. It definitely gets the respect of the locals that’s for certain but that’s about it! Oh, and good luck. Eat or drink it slowly and block your nose. Time for another whisky I feel! Hope your all well! xx 

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