From Kuala Lumpur to Borneo

Started the day with breakfast down a dodgy alley eating chinese offal, we think.  Eating near chickens being decapitated and the smell of fish. Oh yeah, living the dream. I ate mountain oysters and the intestines of something and Sara ate pig tripe, we think. Had to convince ourselves we were eating bread and dough boys. Lesson for the day, go find breakfast before you are so hungry you think you will eat anything!  We were keen to go  see the twin towers (Petronas twin towers) so after we went back to our hotel (in case of deli (or something) belly) we decided to catch the free bus (that’s right! free buses people) because of the fact it is a 5 km walk and we had no idea where we were going. Once we found the right bus depot (and the right bus) we were finally off on another venture. We now know why the buses are free, every 30 seconds the bus moves about 1 meter due to the busy traffic. Every now and then we may get to move 20 meters  when lights are greenish. Basically everyone runs red lights in this town until something bigger that actually has the right of way blocks their path. After thinking that we would be better off walking we were on the main street and off, eventually making it to the twin towers. Was most impressive to see! Too expensive to go to the top on our budget although James was offered an authentic “Gold Rolex” watch for 3000 ringgit – yeah right! Then it was off on the bus again only to discover that it was taking us to where we had just got off to see the towers in the first place. So then it was off on the bus again, but this time it was actually the correct bus because, praise be, it took us straight past our hotel!  Did a lot of walking around, KL is awesome – beautiful old colonial buildings next to amazing new high-rises, we loved it!  Only downer was the river, which was filthy.  We found a Museum (free entry, our kind of place) which was pretty average until we found our way upstairs and were told to sit down & wait for a minute – well I was ready to do a runner, but then we were led into a large room with a huge table and a small scale model of Kuala Lumpur city on it.  OMG, wow etc.  There was a light show to identify all the different districts & transport lines & all sorts – IT WAS AMAZING!  
To put things briefly, we sat and watched the traffic buzz past which was very amusing, Sara found a very friendly cat to pat, got on  the boozy twice with our new friends from England and Austria, tried to keep cool in the hot and humid weather both day and night, finding our way after getting lost on a number of occasions due to the lack of street signage on both the tourist maps and streets itself, walking kilometers on end and still not losing weight because the food is fantastic and in abundance!
Our last night in KL was interesting as the Hotel we were staying in was quite nice with awesome air conditioning, that is, once we finally got there. All was well until night fell, and that’s when the place came alive with people coming and going and the odd noises of O.E.R.S echoing through the hallway. Turns out that the hotel rooms can be hired out per hour and business was booming that night.  Afraid to open our room door for fear of being offered personal services, we turned our laptop n and watched Deadwood for a bit before we fell asleep. Then it was up early to catch our 7am flight to Kuching, Sarawak.

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