Kuching & couchsurfing!

On arrival, we were greeted by our Couch surfing host John at the airport, and we will be staying with him for approx a week depending on how things go. With his expert advice, we have already seen a lot of Kuching and other parts of Sarawak that most travellers will never see as you have to be invited by locals. we had the priviledge to see and visit two old long houses (fully occupied) in Mongkos, then off to Bunan for a night of food, drink & merriment with the locals.  Well.  These are the most generous and hospitable people on the face of the planet, and there’s a fair few party animals amongst them too!  We had a huge feed featuring snake & bat as a couple of the dishes – sounds bad I know but the snake was actually delicious although I’d probably give bat a miss for the rest of my life, especially since there were bats flying around and between us all night.  So, drinking the home-made rice wine with a beer chaser made for a couple of very drunk kiwis and a some very drunk Bidayuh – these guys would fit in so well in NZ.  Speaking of which Big J decided to teach them the Haka, one practice session & they were good to go – sort of – pretty bloody funny! (James here) Yes it was the most quietest Haka I have experienced but still well executed. And it was good, I had very keen students that wanted to learn. The whole day and night was a fantastic experience and I even got a game of Soccer in with the locals even if for half an hour due to my late arrival – but I did set up two goals resulting in a 4 – 0 win! The night was free flowing with beer and rice wine, and when I mean flowing it was truly that! No sooner had we done the local’s drink chant  ( their version of our cheers) with the rice wine in our nip glass and skulled the lot down, then it was filled again before you could blink. The beer was just constant to the point where I could not keep up, and that’s saying something!  Great people, great atmosphere, great place to be. HOWEVER….we were not in a great place the following morning as we Kiwis are not used to rice wine, especially home made, good quality rice wine. So you can understand we had NO interest in doing any sight seeing that day aside from viewing the ceiling in our room while lying (recovering) on our bed. Fast forward…………..HELLO MONDAY!! And were off and racing again with a new sense of adventure hunting, this time with Desmond (one of our fantastic hosts) who took us around the Cat museum which was nice and relaxing (they sure do love their cats here). I think Sara took at least 100+ photos in the museum alone. It’s a ‘Must see’ for cat lovers..and Sara. Then we were off again to a couple of resorts with a great beach that we couldn’t swim in as it was a bit mucky. But the views were very nice. So we decided to go for a nice stroll along the beach and discovered little balls made of sand all over the beach! These were made by crabs! Perfect shaped sand ball bearings. When the crabs dig their burrow, they roll the sand into balls then move them out away from their hole.  With a nice chilled out day we then planned to go to Bako national park to hike and see the wild life up close and personal.

Longhouse The Borneo Haka20140302_021105 20140301_17335920140302_12161920140302_12304620140302_10562120140305_205728


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