Deli belly & Siniawan (pronounced, pretty much, Senior One)

Thursday – fish night

James’ take on things:

0100: Woken up by Sara complaining of stomach bug.

0200ish: Woken up by Sara striding to the toilet.

0230ish: Woken up by sounds coming from the bathroom

0340ish: Woken up by Sara running to the toilet.

0420ish: Woken up by Sara coming back from toilet

0600: Woken by alarm clock. Stumbled up to shower and get ready for market shopping at 0700. Woke Sara but she was to tired to come out so stayed in bed to catch up on sleep, plus she wasn’t feeling very well. Went to the market which was bloody huge and fun! Our host’s cook wanted to do a signature dish from her village, which I was looking forward to. Shopped for all kinds of goodies! Everything was fresh and smelled great! When we got home it was pretty much a chill out day due to Sara still not feeling well.

Sara’s take on things:

Started the day (Friday) going out for breakfast – had Lui Char (seven vege soup) – basically a herb soup to which you then add a plate full of veges – very green & healthy – apparently if you have any stomach problems this will clear you out within a couple of hours, but if your insides all okay nothing happens. So, speaking of upset insides, had my first bout of food poisoning on Wednesday night. Went to outdoor food place for dinner – had the biggest, yummiest prawns ever (well I had one & James ate the rest) – these were not the problem. Obviously. Because I was the one with my head down the loo, worshipping the Great Toilet God, not James! He is just an awesome eating machine! We had some pork, a vege dish, prawns & some local weird slimy didn’t like sea wormy things – now lets play guess the food poisoning culprit. OMG woke up at about 1am feeling really nauseous, this was to be the most pleasant part of the next 4 hours or so. By morning I was fully flushed & cleansed but decided not to go further than 5 metres from a toilet for the rest of the day just in case! Felt knackered & headachey for a few hours before my normally sturdy constitution reasserted itself – although I was too scared to eat anything until the evening. Don’t panic, I’ve been working on my stores of fat for just such an occasion and could quite happily survive without food for approx 6 months! Now you know why I was taken out for the Lui Char. So fully recovered & ready for some more local delicacies we headed out to Siniawan for the night market. This is a hidden gem – really chilled, great vibe, takes you back to another era with the unique old shop frontages – this village was close to dying but has been revitalised through the efforts of the local people attracting their younger generation back to open businesses & promote the village as a tourist destination. They have also applied for heritage status under the Malaysian government. So there is my plug for Siniawan – if you’re in Kuching, make the time to go there, ask for Dylan Lai, eat at his restaurant, listen to the history of the area, enjoy the atmosphere – you will not be disappointed. And I forgot to mention the incredibly charming Chinese temple with it’s Goddess of Mercy (Kuan Yin) and the God of Wealth (Cai Shen) – took quite a while to drag James away from this one – such sensible gods – so go before it gets dark!



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