Chiang Mai, Lady boys, Kick boxing and the loss of a loyal friend, Thailand military.

It has been a sad few days in Chiang Mai. The city itself however is beautiful and clean and the people are very friendly.  Hiring raleigh 20 style bicycles to see the town before upgrading to scooters.  Once again we have met some more awesome travellers while here and once again we have been enjoying late nights and their company.  But alas, there has been an empty void in our Chiang Mai ventures – after day three being here our loyal travel companion Haka has gone missing.  I’m not sure if he has been stolen, or just misplaced, or left behind somewhere.  But there is strong speculation that he may have been Kiwinapped (by some loud youngish lads that were two doors from us) while sitting on a table in front of our room one night during ‘a couple of quiet ones’.  We have turned our room  upside down and inside out to see if he was recovering from a hangover in our clothing,  looked for him around our accommodation guesthouse in case he was doing base jumping the night before.  Nothing.  And now, every time we are about to take a ‘Kiwi moment’ photo we go to get him from his little home in our backpack only to find an empty hole where he used to live. We miss having his long beak and cute brown eyes sticking out of his little home exploring the world with us.  We miss his photo bombs and having people come and pat him.  We miss the way he breaks the ice with conversations . So where ever you are Haka we hope you are safe and sound and bringing happiness to your new family if we have misplaced you . But if you have been Kiwinapped by the lads that stayed two doors from us then I hope you bite their nuts off.  Pricks.20140513_123705 The good news is that his lil brother is going to meet us in Bali from New Zealand with Sara’s daughters, Denella and Jamie as well as a good friend Jo!  Looking forward to that!  Now then, Chiang Mai.  What a lovely place and like every town and city, the history is amazeballs!  If you have the time look it up on wiki.  Better still, come and visit it for yourself.  Plenty of temples to visit as well as old ruins, including the old wall surrounding the old part of the city.  During the day the city is alive with street stalls, bars, trade shops and 7/11s with the harmonious sound of the traffic going full tick in the background.  At night the clubs open up adding ‘fuel to the fire’.  Depending on which street you go down (off Kotchasan Road, turn into Loi Kroh Rd and follow the party lights) you will come across lady boys, go go girls, neon signs and open bars galore with just about every one of them having a pool table, and all competing with each other’s music and volume.   Then we found an alleyway just full of mini bars all with more ladies (and men) enticing anyone walking past to come into their bar.  There was even a dwarf man enticing Sara and I.  He was very cute.  At the end was a Thai boxing ring with bars surrounding it.20140517_232821 So after a while Sara and I sat down to watch the Thai boxing!  Ever watched the American wrestling?  Silly question.  Well that was what the Thai boxing was like, but with the same four people competing.  After the match the fighters went around the crowed with a donation box to collect there…ah….winnings?  So by the 3rd fight we got out of there and went to another bar where we met a very cool Kiwi guy Nick with his wife!  It’s safe to say we had a good night.  They took us to another bar where the boss is a famous lady boy who was even in a small part on Gordon Ramsey TV show when he was here.  The following day was spent on our scooters looking 20140518_025930(while recovering from last night) for the Rock Quarry which we got told about by a young Moldovan lady we met on the night train on our way to Chiang Mai.  Cheers Anna, what a great tip!  Finally reaching the quarry (now full of water, hence why we went there and more tourists and locals) while baking in the hot MORNING sun Sara, Karen and I couldn’t wait to jump in.  You had a choice of walking around to the ramp or jumping in from a 5 meter cliff edge, or a 10 meter cliff edge.20140517_152818 The girls walked to the ramp. I jumped in the 5 meter point and survived only to be rescued by Sara after swimming three quarters of the way  towards her because I can’t float dammit (see previous Koh Tao blog) thank you my honey!  xxx!  So after splashing about a bit on the safe side and chatting to other travellers, we were entertained by the sound of thunder and lightning in the far distance. (Mental note:  Never assume mother nature does ANYTHING from a distance:  End of Mental note). Cue the massive LIGHTNING BOLT which lit the sky up and shot down bloody near us immediately followed by the loud cracking sound of thunder!  Well that was it for all of us.  We were all out of the water and scurrying to our scooters and cars and off like…lightning!  Seriously, we were out of there man, a quick goodbye to, and from, everyone and puff, gone.  This led us to another night of drinking at our accommodation place with Duncan from Ireland. Sunday was the night 20140518_204409market with Duncan, Jenna and Rhiannon (who we met at the accommodation lodge were at) Sara, Karen and myself of course.  You’re not going to guess where the girls are from….Auckland, New Zealand! The night market was very cool but we ended up at another local and spending the night laughing and having fun. However, the following morning was our (Me, Sara and Karen) tourism attraction day (with Mr. Jungle Trek Tours) involving getting up at 8am and going to do elephant rides and waterfall walk and riverbamboo rafting.  Sara was still a little intoxicated as I think we all were but it was the best day with a great host called Jackie Chan.  Wednesday was the night walking market with the kiwi girls and us. The girls were very happy looking around the stalls and sizing things up, I was happy following them around.  Eventually we came across some lady boys in cabaret outfits advertising their show for that night. Hell yeah we thought!  So after a quick beer we were off around the corner to see the show.20140521_214031 Now it’s quite funny really because we were in Bangkok looking everywhere for lady boy shows with Karen, only to get the run around (literally) by our tuk tuk driver who tuk tuk us to a ping pong and sex show instead (read previous blog) where we ended up being disapointed and paying heavily for it.  And all we had to do is come to Chiang Mai,  go to the night walk market before 9.30pm and see the best lady boy show ever, where they put on a great performance and interacted with the crowd!  The bonus was on that particular night we went, the show was free entry!  And now for the downer side ( aside from Haka being Kiwinapped. Pricks!) Over the last few days the Thai military have taken over the whole of Thailand in a ‘Coup’ and have put a curfew in place meaning no one is to be out from 10pm to 5am until further notice.  So we have been laying low and catching up on things as you do.  But that’s all good and tomorrow will be a bright new day!  So until the next blog which will be tomorrow. Cheers for reading! 20140523_151319 20140521_12183120140517_18210620140521_16022820140523_14420420120101_070047